Almost every Sunday I spend most of the day cooking a week’s worth of meals for B. Because I don’t get home from work until well after he does, we more often than not eat dinner separately. And since I don’t want him to be feasting on junk for dinner, I prefer to make wholesome meals for my honey.

Now before you get all huff that I, the wife, slave away all day on cooking for my man, understand this: I work ridiculously long hours during the week, during which B does of all the dishes, takes out the trash, does the laundry (and folds!), cleans the house (ok, not top to bottom, but good enough to keep it tidy), feeds the kitties, cleans the litterbox, and runs just about every little household errand needed. So he takes care of me during the week, and I take care of him during the weekend. It’s an arrangement that works out splendidly for us, considering I abhor doing all of the things he takes care of during the week and he doesn’t know a whisk from a spatula. Not to mention I love tinkering around in the kitchen anyway. 🙂

Anyhoo, B is a simple man, who will tell you he prefers the buffet line at Old Country Buffet over any five-star restaurant. His faves include things like mashed (or baked, or French fried) potatoes, mac ‘n cheese, buffalo wings, pizza and the like. You get the picture. As you can tell, we are polar opposites in the eating realm.

Seeing as how his picks are clearly artery-clogging and not at all healthy, I’m always trying to lighten up his meals. This week, I thought I’d make him a big vat of vegetarian chili and some tuna salad for sandwiches.

The chili was easy enough–throw everything into a slow cooker for about three hours on high setting. The only work I really had to do was dice onions and red and green bell peppers, open some cans of beans and stewed tomatoes and sprinkle some seasoning. Yum!

Ingredients for Vegetarian Chili

Preparing Vegetarian Chili

Vegetarian Chili

For the tuna, I ran out of celery, so I had to make do with just onions and capers. Mix with a little reduced fat mayo, horseradish mustard and garlic powder, and you’re good to go!

Preparing Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad